Coronavirus has rocked our homes in so many ways.  With schools closed, remote learning, and parents working from home, nothing is the same in our children's eyes.  We parents are struggling to keep our kids occupied.  Birthday parties are canceled, holidays celebrated differently, sports and extra curricular activities postponed.  Life as we know it has completely changed.  It is a difficult time for our kids to understand.  We want to help you keep their spirits up while maintaining shelter-in-place in rules as well as making safety and sanitation our top priority.  Shelter-in-place family glamping is a perfect way to bring fun and memories to your home during this time.

This service is ONLY offered for indoor glamping for people living in your own household. Teepee set ups are for all family members. They are the size of a twin bed and fit adults!  

How it Works

Keeping everyone healthy and safe is our upmost priority.  After every party, all of our equipment will be thoroughly washed and sanitized, then placed in an open area to air out for a minimum of 5 days before being used again!

Choose How Many Teepees and a Theme

The package will include lighted teepees, mattress protectors, sheets, and pillows (2 ea per teepee)

Choose a Date

We realize many people are working from home during this pandemic.  We are offering this service Monday through Sunday.  We will try and be as flexiable and accomodating as possible with delivery times.

Porch Delivery

We will deliver the teepee package to your front porch.  You will setup the teepees in your home yourself.  We will provide a short YouTube video on how to setup the teepees.

Pick-Up Next Day

The following morning, you will need to pack and place everything in the provided bags, then place everything on the porch for us to pickup.  Again, we will be as accomodating as possible with pickup times.  


Family Size                  Price

              2                                        $100          

              3                                        $125

              4                                        $150

              5                                        $175

              6                                        $200