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Harry Potter Collection 

Step through Platform 9 3/4 and into Hogwarts for a spellbinding sleepover. 


Each Glampsite Includes:  

  • Handmade Teepee Frame

    • Velvety House Color Teepee Covers (Red, Golden Yellow, Green, Blue)

    • House Scarfs Draping each Teepee

    • Fairy Lights​

    • Hogwarts Banner connecting Teepees

    • Hanging Chalkboard Name Plate

  • Bedding:

    • Mattress
    • Black Fitted Sheet

    • Black Blanket

    • Gold Sequin & House Specific Decorative Throw Pillows 

    • Additional White Ruffle or White Fur Pillow for Birthday Glampsite

  • White Tray Table

    • Black Paper Placemat

    • Wood Round​

    • Black Mini Cauldron 

    • Black Mini Lanterns

    • Lightning Bolt Lamp replaces Mini Lantern for Birthday Glampsite

  • Additional Decor

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