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Important Information

How It Works

Space Requirements:  You will need to provide a space large enough to accommodate the amount of guests at the party.  Each teepee setup measures approximately 51" x 72". Please have your designated space ready prior to our scheduled arrival time as we will not move furniture.

Setup Time:  Depending on the party size we need approximately 45 minutes to an hour and a half to setup.  

Delivery:  We are currently serving the California East Bay.  Free delivery to Discovery Bay, Byron, Knightsen, Bethel Island, Brentwood, and Oakley.  Anything beyond these cities are charged at a $1.00 per mile fee.  This includes both delivery and pickup.  For example:  If we were delivering to Concord, it's approximately 35 miles from Discovery Bay to Concord.  The total delivery and pickup fee would be $70 ($35 both ways).  Mileage is determined using Google Maps.  

Deposit and Cancellation Policy:  A deposit of $100 is required to reserve your party date.  Your deposit will be applied to your final bill the day of your party.  If you need to cancel your event, you must contact us 14 days prior to your party for a full refund of your deposit.   

Damages:  We understand that accidents happen as these are children parties after all, however, it is the responsibility of the customer to always supervise children with our equipment.  Any damages resulting in a broken teepees, TV trays, ripped or ruined linens, or stains that are unable to be washed, will require an item replacement charge.  

Missing Items:  Prior to the party, an inventory checklist will be completed by our staff and signed by the customer.  Any items unaccounted for will either need to be returned within 3 days, or will be billed at the cost of the missing item.


Important Info for your Guests:  The only thing your party guests will need to bring with them is their pillow and favorite blanket to sleep with.  We won’t supply these for sanitary reasons.

**We ensure prior to any party, all teepee's, decorative pillows, linens, and trays are laundered and sanitized.