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Boho Garden

Free spirit, wild heart, and a gypsy soul 

Primary elements used in this collection are lace, rose vines, macramé and wood.  

Each glampsite includes:  

  • Handmade "A frame" tents

    • Lace and white tent covers

    • Mini rose wrapped fairy lights

    • Mini rose wrapped macramé garland connecting tents

    • Macramé tassel on front of all guest tents

    • White dreamcatcher hanging on the guest of honors tent

  • Bedding:

    • Mattress

    • White fitted sheets

    • Dusty rose and white blankets

    • 2-3 pillows complimenting theme 

      • The Boho Bull pillow pictured in most photos has been well loved and sadly can not be replicated.  We bring a second option to every Boho Garden install and present you with both options.  We have decided not to retire it because more than 50% of the time it is still the preferred statement pillow.  Its rustic vibes give an edge to the roses and lace.  

  • Table tray

    • White paper placemat

    • Wood rounds

    • White personalized frame for each guest

    • White mini rustic lantern with flameless candle

    • Faux pink succulents

  • Additional

    • ​White faux fur rug

    • Personalized cinema sign​

EVENT EXECUTION: Each party is unique. Exact décor and fabrics are subject to change slightly based upon product availability. We strive to update our event designs frequently to keep them fresh and unique. We will always present a gorgeous event, even if exact details vary slightly from things that are depicted on our website or social media. Any major changes will be communicated to you in advance of your event. If there is something you have seen on our website that you want at your event, please communicate this at time of booking.

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