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Winter Wonderland

Dreaming of a White Christmas

Each Glampsite Includes:  

  • Handmade Teepee Frame

    • White Teepee Covers

    • Fairy Lights​

    • Snowflake Lights Connecting Teepees

  • Bedding:

    • Mattress
    • White Fitted Sheet

    • White Blankets

    • 3 Throw Pillows Per Teepee (White Snowball, White with Silver Snowflakes, Silver Sparkle, Coordinating Colors)

  • White Tray Table

    • White Doily

    • Full Size Silver Lantern

    • White Name Frame 

    • 1 Wooden Standing Snowflake

  • Additional Decor

    • Personalized Happy Birthday Light Up Sign

    • White Fur Rug

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